frequently asked questions

when will my chocolates arrive?
you should expect to receive it within 3-5 days after placing your order. let me know if you can’t wait to savour them and i will try my best to satisfy your cravings as soon as possible.

can you deliver it to my doorstep?
delivery fees to single location as follows:

1 box – $8
2 boxes – $5
3 boxes & more – free! (yay!)

where do you deliver to?
we deliver island-wide, except (but not limited to) the following:

jurong island | airport cargo | alps ave | psa terminals | saf camps | jurong port | sentosa island | prisons | singapore technologies buildings | shipyards

if you are not sure whether we can send it to you, feel free to check with us before ordering

how long can i keep the chocolates for?
these handmade nama chocolates should retain its freshness and last approximately 2 weeks in the freezer but it is recommended that you consume it within a week after purchase as they do not contain preservatives

is one box enough for me?
there are 12 pieces in a box. each piece is hand-cut hence they will not be of the same size. a box of our chocolates weighs about 180g

how can i best enjoy the chocolates?
to best enjoy these heavenly creations, leave it at room temperature for about 5-10 minutes, take a nice look at it first before finishing them!

are there allergens i need to take note of?
our chocolates contain milk and may have traces of alcohol & nuts. alcohol-free option is available for all flavors except the moutai

how do i make payment after placing an order?
we accept payment via paylah! and paynow. you may scan the respective qr codes below