chocolate social responsibility



as part of our kitchen’s production process, we tend to produce extra chocolates. these chocolates taste 100% as delicious as our regular boxes, however, they aren’t as pretty looking. since they do not pass our chocolatier paige’s own aesthetics quality control, we are putting them here for sale at a discounted price. part of the proceeds from sales of these boxes will go to our charity of choice. we will keep just enough to cover transportation costs 🙂

these chocolates come in boxes of 12 as per our usual packaging. limited stock when available hence first come first serve!

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these handcrafted chocolates should retain its freshness and last approximately 2 weeks in the freezer but it is recommended that you consume it within a week after purchase as they do not contain preservatives.

to best enjoy these heavenly creations, leave it at room temperature for about 5-10 minutes, take a nice look at it first before finishing them!